If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to process the return. Please note that shipping and handling costs will be deducted from your refund, unless otherwise noted.

If you refuse the shipment at delivery, the item will be returned to us and you will not be charged for shipping.

To process your return, please contact us with your order number. Once shipping will be confirmed, we will wait for the receipt of the item in order to complete the return.

In order to accept the return, we receive the item with no signs of wear. Additionally, the original packaging must be intact, along with any protective encasing. Any tags, booklets, or gift boxes must be included in the return. If we receive a return that has any missing parts, we may either refuse the return or charge a restocking fee. If we receive a damaged or used goods, we will refuse the return.

If you receive an item with signs of use, wear, or missing parts,please contact Pass the Watch within 5 days so corrections will be made.

If you would to exchange your watch, the same procedure will apply.


In order to process the return please contact us here. Please provide us with your name and order number, so we can locate the transaction.

We will confirm with you over email the condition of the product. Afterwards, shipping instructions will be provided.

We ask that you pack the product exactly as your received it. Do not place stickers or shipping labels directly on the product’s gift box or packaging. If you can, please send it in the same way you received, placing a new shipping sticker over the old one.

In order to guarantee our receipt, please ship with tracking and insurance.

After receipt of the return, we will examine the item to make sure it is in the same condition with all the included materials. If the return is satisfactory, we will process the refund, while deducting shipping cost(unless otherwise noted).

To begin processing the return, fill out the contact form.